A Skating Family History

Remember this guy?
This is Albert Simoni who started
Simoni Skate Shop more than
44 years ago.

One of Albert's last business cards

Albert lacing up a new pair of boots.

Another happy customer!


The Simoni family has been involved in Figure Skating for over 56 years. Albert and Joan were the parents of Allen and Marilyn. Both Albert and Joan served for many years on the Board of Directors for The Hamilton Skating Club when The Victoria Curling Club and The Hamilton Forum were used as two of the main ice surfaces for the club. Later, when the Hamilton Skating Club became the Hamilton - Stoney Creek Figure Skating Club, they served many terms on the Board of Directors and were involved in almost every competition and show in the Club.

Allen & Marilyn both skated from a very early age.  Skating was our life all through our childhood and through our teens and early twenties.  In the earlier days we started out just like every other young skater, learning the basics, getting our balance and progressed from there.  We skated in the ice shows at the end of the winter seasons and that was a big thrill for us.  For our parents, who were involved in various ways over the years, the shows were a lot of work and very time consuming for their already busy lives, but we all enjoyed them very much.  I can remember one show that Marilyn and I performed in when a full orchestra was hired to perform all of the music.  That particular show was performed at the Hamilton Forum which, of course, wasn't yesterday!  Could you imagine the cost of doing that today?


This is the only know photo of Sharon Sudicky and
myself  in our Free Dance outfits for the
1976 Canadian Figure Skating Championships
Junior Dance

We placed 4th overall.

Here's an old Hamilton Spectator article that Marilyn and I
found when going through some old photo albums.

This photo shows Debbie Schaefer and myself at the
Stoney Creek Arena training for the
1974 Canadian Figure Skating Championships
Junior Dance

We placed 6th overall.


Here are a couple of pictures that were recently given to

me from the program from the 1976 H.S.C.F.S.C. show
Extravaganza Ice 76.


Back Row: Brian Nilson - Roy Presnitz - Allen Simoni - Ed Pividori
Front Row: Stephanie Kelly - Thresa Daly - Karen Connelly - Mary Pividori



Back Row: Roy Presnitz - Ed Pividori - Allen Simoni - Brian Nilson
Front Row: Ron Shaver - Karen Connelly

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