Simoni Skate Shop is proud to be in its 40th year servicing Southern Ontario, New York and Michigan!



For 40 years Simoni Skate Shop has provided Southern Ontario with one of the finest service centers for figure skate boots and blades.  Albert Simoni provided this service from 1979 to 1998 and it continues today with Allen Simoni.

As a former national level competitor, I understand the importance of precision sharpening and boot care.  Skate blades and boots have seen many changes in their construction, manufacturing methods and materials used over the years.  Simoni Skate Shop is dedicated to providing the finest care available for boots and blades by constantly researching these new technologies as well as continuously improving our equipment and processes.




"Properly sharpening a blade is much more than simply grinding a hollow on the bottom of it."

What all of this means to you, our customer, is a service center that
you can count on to provide consistent, high quality workmanship!

Quality Service & Customer Satisfaction for over 40 years!


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imoni kate hop is conveniently located two minutes from the "Linc" at Upper Gage Avenue.

Inquiries regarding any of the services provided
by Simoni Skate Shop may be made by contacting:
Allen Simoni
Phone: +1 (905) 388-2944