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If you are booking by email please state when you would like to drop your skates off and when you need them back.  I will respond with a confirmation.

All skates sharpened at Simoni Skate Shop are ground by myself on my modified Fleming Gray
(tm) FG-5 grinding machine.  After the blades are ground they are dressed by hand to ensure that the skater experiences maximum flow and even edge grip over the length of the blade.

Should you ever suspect that you have a problem with blades I sharpen I need to know, so the issue may be addressed.  Not everyone likes their blades sharpened the same way and there is much more to sharpening blades than simply grinding a hollow into the blade and de-burring it.  Please tell me if your blades are not exactly the way you like them.  I will make them right!

Thank you, Allen


Inquiries regarding any of the services provided
by Simoni Skate Shop may be made by contacting:
Allen Simoni
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